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How to Adopt

AFL-CIO Community Services is committed to helping needy families enjoy a blessed Christmas season. We do this through our Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program, which connects families in need with people who want to give so that every home can enjoy the Christmas holiday. Our program has helped over 86,700 area residents enjoy the Christmas holiday. Last year alone, 2,431 people in the St Joseph area were adopted through our Christmas program.

Because of the continued threat of COVID, and the need to protect both participants and volunteers, it has been determined the processes developed for 2020 will have to be utilized again this year. These steps include alterations to the following processes:

  • Applications – forms will be available online and at the agency to be filled out off-site; when paperwork is returned, the process will be completed by phone.
  • Types of Donations – While the program has always stressed the need for AT LEAST one new gift per person in the household, because of potential contamination issues, ALL ITEMS donated to the families MUST BE NEW.
  • Donations – For those who want to donate but prefer to avoid public shopping, gift cards can be donated for families, and would be equally appreciated. Gift room donations and adopter drop-offs will be contactless when possible. Monetary donations can be made online, and by mail or phone for those who would rather avoid coming to the agency.
  • Food Vouchers – these will permanently replace food baskets; see related article at left.
  • Gift Room – Adoptees will be required to wear masks and gloves while shopping in the gift room. Gift room days will be extended to provide fewer shoppers per hour and provide for any necessary sanitation steps.
  • Delivery of Gifts Dropped at Agency – adoptees will be required to wear masks when collecting gift items from the agency; all senior gifts MUST be delivered to the agency no later than Dec 17 to ensure items are delivered in time by agency volunteers and nursing home staff.

If you would like to participate in the Adopt-A-Family program, simply fill out our How to Adopt 2021 form and we can match you with a needy family this Christmas.

Thank you for your interest and ongoing support of our Adopt-A-Family program.

How to Adopt

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