"Improving the lives of individuals and their families by meeting their human and social service needs."

How to Adopt

AFL-CIO Community Services has been actively supporting families in St Joseph through some of their toughest times for more than three decades. One of our biggest pushes comes at Christmastime when we work hard to ensure that every family, in spite of whatever current setbacks they are facing, can enjoy a joyous celebration.  The AFL-CIO Adopt-A-Family program connects families in need with people who want to give so that every home can enjoy a Christmas dinner and put a few gifts under the tree.

People looking for an opportunity to give to others at Christmas can choose to adopt a senior citizen, a child or an entire family – the choice is yours. If you adopt a family, we ask that you provide at least one gift (preferably a new toy) for each child, gifts for parents are optional. What you give and how much you spend is entirely your decision. We will provide you with clothing sizes and individual gift requests if you like.

You may want to meet the family or individual(s) and we are happy to arrange that meeting for you. Other people enjoy acting only as a secret Santa. It’s really up to you. If you want to stay behind the scenes, simply bring your gift(s) to our office at 1203 North 6th Street in St Joseph.

If you would like to Adopt-A-Family, simply fill out our How to Adopt 2019 form and then mail, fax or email the completed document to us so we can match you with a needy family this Christmas.

If you have a very busy December and would like to support our efforts, but just don’t have time to shop, then consider making a financial contribution to Adopt-A-Family. We will use your donation toward purchasing a Christmas basket loaded with all the fixings for a Christmas dinner. You could also drop gift cards or new toys by the office for us to tuck into a gift basket for un-adopted kids and families.

Thank you for your interest and ongoing support of our Adopt-A-Family program.