"Improving the lives of individuals and their families by meeting their human and social service needs."

Adopt-A-Family Christmas

Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program not everyone has time to select a family, shop for their needs, wrap the gifts and bring them by. If you would rather we do the work for you, we’re happy to with your donation. Click the Paypal button for your opportunity to support a local family at Christmastime.

Each Christmas, local families gather for a celebration of food, festivities, and fun. But the darker side of that story is that there are many who suffer in silence as economic hardships or unexpected life events make celebrating Christmas a struggle. The Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program brings a ray of light to these individuals by letting them know we care. Since its inception, more than 86,700 people have been able to experience the joy of Christmas because of the kindness and generosity of others.

If you are not familiar with the Adopt-A-Family program, our sole goal is to serve everyone who needs assistance during the holiday season. The program is designed to match needy families and individuals (Adoptee) in the area with families, groups and organizations (Adopter) that are willing to help so everyone can enjoy the Christmas holidays. As a result, this program lessens the possibility of families spending their limited incomes on Christmas rather than basic living expenses or going without any form of Christmas. In 2020, a total of 748 families (2,431 individuals) were adopted through the program.


Adopters have many options to choose from for providing for the families they choose to help. You decide what size and type of family you would like to adopt. This includes shopping for gifts, purchasing food basket vouchers and gift cards, donating new items to the Gift Room, or making monetary donations. You also determine if you want to meet your family or remain anonymous. All the decisions are up to you as the adopter.

To make this Christmas miracle happen the agency needs adopters and donations. If you are interested in knowing how you can adopt an individual or family just press “How to Adopt”.

If you have a very busy holiday season and would like to support our efforts, but just don’t have time to shop, then consider making a financial contribution to Adopt-A-Family. We will use your donation to purchase gift certificates to be given to those families who are not chosen by an adopter and toward purchasing a Christmas basket loaded with all the fixings for a Christmas dinner. The agency is also accepting donations of new toys and personal gifts for all ages for their gift room for un-adopted kids and families. To donate click the button below.


If you live in Northwest Missouri or Northeast Kansas and your family would like to receive help this season start here. Applications will be accepted through Tuesday, December 1, 2021.

Before clicking the button below, read these instructions carefully! You have the option of entering your information online and either download a copy of it or print it directly from the page. Do this BEFORE you hit the back button to return to the website. You will lose all the information you have entered. You can also print a blank copy of the application and fill it out manually.

After you complete the application, come back to this page. All applicants are required to pay a $2 processing fee. You can pay by clicking the button below or print your application and bring it with your $2 processing fee to the agency.

Please return your finished application to the agency either by emailing it to adopt@helpmenow.org or by printing it off and delivering it to the office at 1203 N6th St, St. Joseph, MO. Please indicate in the email if you will be paying your processing fee through PayPal or in person. If your PayPal payment is going to be made under another name, please provide that name in the email as well.