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Adopt-A-Family Program Brings Joy to Families in Need

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The Holidays are a special time for the young and old, needy and stable, ill and healthy. Everyone enjoys their traditions in different ways, but for children, a gift from Santa is almost universal. However, some families are struggling just to feed their kids, let alone provide a present or two on Christmas morning.

For individuals in need who are living alone, the Holidays can be a particularly rough period of the year where they’re reminded more acutely of what they don’t have.

The Adopt-A-Family program through AFL-CIO Community Services has for years provided an outlet for those with giving in their hearts to reach out to the families in the community who are willing to accept their gratitude.

Not every family is alike – some are senior citizens living on their own, some are comprised of young parents with multiple mouths to feed. But AFL-CIO Community Services makes adopting one or more of these families and individuals easy.

The program gives adopters a choice of what they can give to whom. Once the adopter finds a family, they are provided with a sheet of information regarding clothing and shoe sizes for each family member. The adopter can provide for these needs, as well as at least one fun gift for each child.

Many of these Adopt-A-Family lists include ideas for toys that the parent knows the child will like. Contributing to the holiday meal is also possible through AFL-CIO Community Services as $70 food baskets that will be available starting Dec. 17.

Some adopters prefer to remain anonymous, which is an option that’s perfectly acceptable. Anonymous donors should deliver their gifts no later than Dec. 19 and the staff at AFL-CIO Community Services will make arrangements for the family to receive them.

Others want to meet the family, which has proven to be a fulfilling experience for past adopters. Interaction between the two groups is arranged by AFL-CIO Community Services and can sometimes enhance the giving experience as the family can directly relate to the adopter what they require for the best Holiday experience.

Families and individuals have until Dec. 12 to apply for assistance through the Adopt-A-Family program. AFL-CIO Community Services is meticulous about the application procedure to ensure that every person qualifies for assistance. For more information:

How to Adopt A Family 2012

Sign Up Information 2012

Adopt A Family Schedule

The process for the adopter, whether it’s as an individual or as a group, involves filling out an application with the adopter’s contact information and number of families, individuals or seniors they want to adopt. Adopters review the information on the families, individuals or seniors approved for the program via email, mail, or fax. They are also welcome to come by AFL-CIO Community Services and review the options in person.

The wheels are in motion at AFL-CIO Community Services. Staff members and volunteers have been working since late October to make sure those in our community who can’t provide the essentials of a Holiday celebration get what they need this year. Contact the organization today to play a part of this tradition of giving.

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